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Can you show me some examples?

There are different reasons why people wanting to build ask this question. Firstly, they may be potential clients, who do not really know how to articulate what their house should look like and what style they prefer. Secondly, it may be a disguised motion of confidence along the lines of "Can you really do that...?"


No matter the reason for the question, wouldn't it be handy if you had a wide range of house designs at hand? And it surely wouldn't hurt if they included every possible architectural style, house type and size - completed by attractive floor plans and a coherent representation.


If your carpentry business has not built hundreds of homes yet and if your pictures of houses tend to show construction sites instead of finished houses, our Vi plans are just what you need.
All architectural styles

When compiling the Vi plans, we have ensured that all architectural styles are represented. Whether bungalow or townhouse, cubic Bauhaus style or Mediterranean living; whether classical house or modern pent roof architecture - you will find something of everything.
All house types

In addition to classic family houses, you can find various designs with in-law apartment, semi-detached houses as well as smaller multi-family houses. Of course, these designs can also be used for combined living and working.
Fully featured

All designs are fully furnished and created with attention to detail. Whether interior design or landscaping, every detail has been taken into account. This means, the plans are ready to use right away. It is up to you, whether you want to you print all the plans and use them as a house catalog or present them to your customers directly in Vi plan. Everything is feasible and prepared so that you can directly access the completely pre-designed views for presentations and / or imaging - also in the 3D mode.


Range of applications

Apart from the "classic" way of using the designs as a planning proposal or as house catalog for interested parties, the floor plans, views and 3D animations are particularly suitable for online use. Integrating the designs on your website, e.g. in the form of a small gallery, is not very complicated, but certainly upgrades your website and sustainably enhances your represented expertise in house building. This benefit alone makes the Vi plans interesting for you and certainly reduces the frequency of being asked the question "Can you show me some examples?".

Planunging basis for timber construction

To make it possible to directly re-utilize the plans, they were created in the version "timber construction". Wall thicknesses, component sizes, room profiles etc. are therefore in line with the industry model "timber construction".  Therefore, you can use the plans directly for both, the quantity determination and for the calculation. Please note that a technical examination of the plans is required, especially considering the execution of your construction work (column thickness, ceiling/floor span etc.
Design modifications

All designs are available for use in your company without restriction. Only disclosing them to third parties is prohibited. This allows you to adjust the building designs to technical specifics, as well as to derive any planning variations from these designs.

You will be able to create an external appearance of a house that is comparable to hundreds of already built houses within a few hours: The plans combined with all the templates included in Vi Plan, such as completely designed views, templates for the surroundings, material templates and minor adjustments in planning e.g. with the help of dynamic component templates.
Already using the CAS?

Congratulations! You will receive Vi Plans as a completely configured CAS - this also applies if you decide to use the CAS at a later point of time. At first glance, the most obvious advantage is that in the CAS, the complete floor plans, views and 3D animations of all 50 houses are stored as image files - in addition to the Vi plan files. All you need to do is pass them on to e.g. your Internet service provider to integrate them on your homepage.

At second glance, you will also be delighted that each of the 50 houses in the CAS contains an outdoor panorama, an indoor panorama and a 3D live incl. stereo view. Your future clients will be giving you an equally euphoric feedback soon, just like many of our customers, who have already experienced it.
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Stefan Fichtl
Holzbau Fichtl GmbH
Es macht Spaß mit dem Pro-  
gramm und der Firma Software-
paradies zusammen zu arbeiten.
Das einfach zu bedienende und leistungsfähige Pro- 
gramm Vi2000 benötigt nur wenige Daten um be-
reits in der hochwertigen 3D-Darstellung einen ersten
Eindruck zu vermitteln. Dadurch können im Kunden-
gespräch Planänderungen live in vorhandene Pro-
jekte umgesetzt werden. Die vorhandenen Gelände-
Templates und Planungsgegenstände lassen ver-
schiedenste Darstellungsmöglichkeiten und eine
perfekte Präsentation im fotorealistischen Design
zu, und überzeugen so letztendlich die zukünftigen
Bauherren. Es macht Spaß mit dem Programm und
der Firma Softwareparadies zusammen zu arbeiten.
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