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The philosophy
Vi Mobile is essentially the "online brother" and "app sister" of the house selling program Vi CAS combined in one system. You can access the houses and the related documents you require (* .pdf) via the Internet and / or through our Vi Mobile app. Vi Mobile is the first Vi application that runs entirely in the cloud.

It is up to you, whether you embed your houses into your own website and generate a large catalog or if present them as "your in-house app" to your clients.

It is possible to use it as online sales system, in which you only allow your salespeople access to the house data or it can be used directly by the (prospective) clients. Also, you can provide them with just the 2-3 relevant designs and/or house styles and also decide individually whether this "only" includes the views, floor plans, 3D images and interactive panoramas or also the offer and other documents.

Although Vi Mobile, both as "online" and app version, is a standard software, the user will have the impression of working with an in-house app. This is made possible by the basis software Vi CAS (which, just like Vi Panorama, is a prerequisite for Vi Mobile). In Vi CAS You can freely configure the surface to meet your company-specific requirements. In addition to logo and colors, this applies especially to the dialogues that must conform to the company’s need for analysis. For Vi Mobile, you can also specify, which “subset” of the CAS interface should be available "online".

Therefore, each Vi user, who has already set up the CAS, is practically only a few clicks away from a functioning Vi Mobile version.

… and this is how it works!
The details important to the clients are simply entered into the corresponding dialogues.
Roof form: Saddle roof                      Style: modern
Floors: 1.5 floors                               Basement: utility room
Living space:130m² min.                   Living room: 30m² min.
Bathroom: 15m² min.                        Number of nurseries. 3

As a result, the system provides all the designs meeting the chosen criteria.

The designs display the most important information such as the size of the house, the price as well as all the floor plans, views, 3D visualizations and interactive panoramas. The user can narrow down the selection criteria at any time and flag them as favorites.

If you have provided specific designs to the user, searching is no longer necessary. This applies to the following scenarios: The prospective client receives the access data for Vi Mobile from the seller or the seller receives a link with access data from the company and can only see their own designs. The houses intended for the user are presented directly in both cases – there will be no access to any other designs.

When using Vi Mobile, for example, during the construction phase, the owner-builder can be provided with important documents such as progress reports incl. photo documentation online. If the shell of the building has been built, the owner-builder can compare the actual state (shell) of the site to the future result (sampled interior panorama) via the interactive panoramas. Turning around the rooms with a tablet in hand (e.g. iPad) they can experience the future in an interactive way.

It is highly probable that they share such an experience with friends and acquaintances, who might all be potential clients for you!

The Vi Mobile content

The Vi Mobile content is defined in Vi CAS. In addition to classic catalog houses, also house series such as "50+" or "Bauhaus" purely individual designs or "all houses sold in 2014" can be provided. These different areas of the CAS are administered as so-called "instances". You will decide which instances are made available in Vi Mobile.

This way, you can use Vi Mobile both as "online catalog" for standard houses and / or as an interactive sales system for your customized designs.

If "only" one design is found in Vi Mobile that roughly corresponds to the client’s wishes, it is necessary to modify the design. If the seller possesses Vi Plan and Vi Cas, the design is simply sent to Vi Plan with a click and serves as a starting point for the desired adjustments. Whether the house is to be extended by one meter, the room layout adjusted, the roof shape changed or a winter garden planned, the seller simply uses the complete functionality of Vi plan. The crucial aspect is that no design needs to be started from scratch, but merely involves changing what needs to be adapted.

If the seller does not own Vi Plan, it’s the back office’s - the employees’ - turn. There, the necessary adjustments are performed for the prospective client OR an individual design is created. This will be calculated with all the required equipment details and entered into the CAS. From here, the data is transferred to the cloud and made available in Vi Mobile.

The seller or the prospective customer receives an email informing them that their updated data are available. When working with the client on this basis, they will have access to this design option in "their Vi Mobile version". For the seller, the individual design for the customer "Meier" would be stored under the instance “individual designs” and is thus, like any other standard design, available for free use to the seller.

In case you wonder how difficult it is to integrate a design existing in Vi Plan in the CAS and use it in Vi Mobile: It only takes a couple of minutes per design. If a design is to be exported for the CAS, Vi Plan automatically takes over generating all floor plans, views and sections, the desired 3-D images and the area book and the masses and quantities. All you need to do is choose your desired style.

If you need to export more than one design, you can choose the automated export function (batch exports). It doesn’t make a difference whether 50 or 500 plans are selected. Design after another will automatically be opened and the desired exports are executed. As soon as all the data are available in Vi CAS, they will be transferred in the cloud and are then available in Vi Mobile.

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Prospekt Vi Mobile | .pdf file   
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