to Softwareparadies -  The Service- & Consulting Company of the House Building Sector
Our success is reflected by the 23-year anniversary we celebrated in October 2015 as well as the 30-year existence of the Vi2000 concept.
1. Especially in times of declining markets and diminishing returns, it is essential to know what a house really costs. Making it possible to obtain this information directly from the seller within the shortest possible time is the claim and reality at Vi2000.
2. More than 18,000 installations of Vi-programs in Europe speak for themselves, as do our customers, which include the "lone wolf" as well as companies generating more than 1,000 house designs per year and our partners such as the Fraunhofer Institute or the Technical University of Stuttgart
3. As a service and consulting company we have created structures, which guarantee exactly the support that YOU need. Our services range from classical training to advanced seminars, individual coachings to consulting and process optimization of sales, planning, calculating and sampling. This also includes feeding plans into Vi2000, order visualizations or adjusting your individual calculations to new requirements. In short:


BulletNew features in version 19
Vi Plan
  • Complete revision of the 2D house views
  • Revision of the balcony railings
  • Separate material settings for frames and sashes for windows and patio doors
  • Foundation plate offset for houses with and without basements can be adjusted separately
  • Additional 3D wallpapers
  • All facade subareas can be deleted for the entire design via "delete component group"

Vi Kalk
  • Option to export additional or reduced services (incl. prices) in service packages to Vi CAS for order processing
  • Front door side panels are only output 1x in the ReportGenerator
  • Notepad function for items was added (similar to content of the optional equipment)



  • In the offer, the background color and the line width can be selected for group headers
  • Different image sets can be created for an offer (for example, "Young Family", "Generation 50 +"...)
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Vi Pläne
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Vi Mobile
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