House selling
After entering the
search criteria, the
CAS provides you
all the houses that
meet your client's
Vi Plan and Vi De-
signer do not involve
complex construction,
but simple and easy-to-
learn clear text input.
Quantity determination
Precise & complete
quantity lists WITHOUT any additional
effort - simply per click. E.g. as a basis for you own calculation.
You can configurate an unlimited number of lists.
Vi Kalk ist the automatic construction cost calculation.
It is not AVA, calculation,
quantity determination or cost
estimation according to
some DIN.
Mobile presentation - App + web
It is up to you, whether you want to integrate your houses as a large catalog in your homepage or whether you present them as your "in-house App" to your potential customers.
Based on the model of the house,  the client is taken on a foto-realistic 3D vizualization journey
through the digital model of their future house.
Energy efficient retrofitting
Energy retrofitting makes it possible
to save up to 50 % of the currently used
energy - depending on the type & scope of
the retrofitting measures.
Project management and controlling
ONE system, comprising address management, document management, procurement and settling to construction scheduling and the buildiing log, from service to defect management and controlling. AND everything is process-controlled via user defined workflows.
Data transfer to timber construction programs
The timber construction
configurator serves as a
translation level, enabling
the companies to translate/transfer
data from A to B.
Vi Plans
All designs have been created
with great attention to detail and
are fully furnished. This means
that you can use the designs
right away.
Depending on the choice
of format, independably running
panoramas for web presentations
or for use in Vi CAS are created.
3D presentation
3D live enables you to generate a 3D file,
which can e.g. be used as an
executable file, independent of Vi.