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The principle

By entering the planning data, you have done everything necessary to obtain all the masses and quantities of the design. These are available at basically any stage of the planning data input. This also applies to the "extreme case" when you enter nothing but the basic form of the house and request the immediate quantities for it. Everything that is planned up until the point of the quantity determination is available under “Quantity output”.

Construction part numbering

To allow for optimum transparency, especially for more complex houses, you can use the construction part numbering in Vi Plan.

You will also find the numbering in the quantities. This way, you are able to allocate all the quantities to the respective construction parts. This way, you will automatically find, the lintel, the blinds, the window shutter, the window sills, etc. when you enter the number of a window. The configuration of the numbering is automatically taken over from the design.


To ensure this kind of transparency, ALL individual quantities are provided. For e.g. the lintels, you will get a list containing the number and size of the opening as well as the wall thickness and the number of the wall. Thus, all the basic information for order and / or delivery lists are available. Since all lists as can be saved as, for example, an Excel file, a further detailing to draw up the order list is only a small step away.
Masses and quantities

The calculation of the masses and quantities is carried out for all the areas of the house.


In addition to the project data, which contains general project information, the data for exterior / interior walls and wall panels are provided. Next to the necessary quantities for the base plate and foundation, there are ceilings, chimneys and balconies, as well as beams, columns and pillars.

And besides the roofs, skylights and the roof covering, the roof insulation surfaces, the ceilings to be insulated, as well as the plumbing works are provided.


In addition to the front doors, garage doors, windows and patio doors, the rolling, folding and sliding shutters and exterior window sills are determined. Just as the interior doors and all room surfaces, stairs and interior window sills are provided. Of course, all quantity units for the façade are available as well.
Different units of quantity

For e.g. an exterior wall that is broken down into standard wall element (no slopes), gable wall (has slopes), lower gable part (until collar beam) and gable end (starting at collar beam), we simply provide a maximum set of quantity units and it is up to you to decide which ones you use:

The above list for an exterior wall only serves as an example. A similar scope of quantity units is provided for other parts of the house.
Quantity lists

You can configure an indefinite number of quantity lists and load and store them.
Consequently, you have the option of separating quantity lists for walls and ceilings, as well as separating the interior fittings or component lists. The structure will thus be based solely on your individual needs.

In addition, you can set whether the output is for all floors and/or for each individual floor.

The output options include a variety of formats. Next to PDF, generating Excel and XML files are probably the most important options for you.

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