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How easy would you like it to be?
If your answer is: "As easy as possible", you should really consider using our Vi Plans. If your preferred type of customer is very focused on individuality and therefore not be interested in classic standard designs or belong to the potential clients, who do not really know how to articulate what their house should look like and what style they prefer, then...

… it is up to you to decide, whether you want to design the broad range of architecture and optical features - which optimally enhance your sales strategy - by yourself or if you rather resort to our Vi Plans.

All architectural styles

When compiling the Vi Plans, we have ensured that all architectural styles are represented. Whether bungalow or townhouse, cubic Bauhaus style or Mediterranean living; whether classical house or modern pent roof architecture - you will find something of everything. 

All house types

In addition to classic family houses, you can find various designs with in-law apartment, semi-detached houses as well as smaller multi-family houses. Of course, these designs can also be used for combined living and working.
Fully featured

All designs are fully furnished and created with attention to detail. Whether interior design or landscaping, every detail has been taken into account. This means, the plans are ready to use right away. It is up to you, whether you want to you print all the plans and use them as a house catalog or present them to your customers directly in Vi plan. Everything is feasible and prepared so that you can also in the 3D mode, directly access the completely pre-designed positions/views for presentations and / or image generation.

Range of applications
Apart from the "classic" way of using the plans as a design proposal for potential clients or to fill you own house catalog, the 3D animations are particularly suitable for various uses.
Planning basis for timber and solid construction

To make it possible to directly re-utilize the plans, they were created in the versions "timber construction" and "solid construction". The industry solution you use therefore automatically decides which verion is required. Therefore, the wall thicknesses, buildig component sizes, room profile in the designs is in line with the industry model. This way, it is ensured that differences in living space due to e.g. different wall thicknesses in timber and solid construction are reduced to a minimum. Please note that a technical examination of the plans is required, especially considering e.g. the ceiling spans.
Modifying designs

All designs are available for use in your company without restriction. Only disclosing them to third parties is prohibited. This allows you to adjust the building designs to technical specifics, as well as to derive any planning variations from these plans.


You will be able to create an external appearance of a house that is comparable to hundreds of already built houses within a few hours: The plans combined with all the templates included in Vi Plan, such as completely designed views, templates for the surroundings, material templates and minor adjustments in planning e.g. with the help of dynamic component templates..
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Mike Bitterling
BHB Planungsgesellschaft mbH
Durch die Zusammenarbeit mit 
einem Fertighaushersteller
lernten wir Vi2000 kennen.
Der Auftraggeber bestand auf der Erstellung der Bau-  
antragsunterlagen mit Vi2000. Was uns am Anfang
als zusätzliche Belastung erschien, entwickelte sich
für unser Büro als zusätzliche Chance der besseren
Kundenbetreuung und Neuakquisition. Kundenent-
würfe können sofort als Vertragsgrundlage genutzt
werden oder Verkaufsentwürfe dienen als Grundlage
der Bauantragserstellung. Wir können durch die Nut-
zung von Vi2000 eine effektivere Bearbeitung der
Bauantragsunterlagen erreichen, eine höhere Kun-
denzufriedenheit feststellen und Neugeschäfte als
Dienstleister für Nutzer von Vi2000 generieren.
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