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Many carpenters still build wooden houses ...
... however, they only do it when it “arises out of a situation”. One of the reasons for this rather passive market behavior is the lack of an appropriate tool for planning and calculating single-family homes. Since they are offered in addition to classic carpentry such a constructing roof trusses, heightening etc., these areas must of course be covered as well – in case they represent a significant part of the order.




It is important that the time spent on ...
... planning and calculating per project is as short as possible, as this must be done in addition to the actual daily business.
Together with numerous timber construction companies we ...
... made this possible by developing a timber construction version that is based on our construction platform Vi2000 existing since 1983. In addition to the software’s scope of services, the carpentry business is provided with the extensive know-how of successful timber construction companies, which has been incorporated in the development of the software over the years.
The extensive number of core items contained in all versions ...
... already consists of real material and service basis and not only allows a quick and economic start with Vi2000, but also makes it possible to use the data contained as default values.
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