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EVERY house is one of a kind

This approach is certainly one of the differences between you and the supposedly large single-family house suppliers in the construction industry. House catalogs and design house brochures are just as alien to you as the idea of ​taking the design you have created for the Miller family and “replicating” exactly the same house for the Mayer family.

So far so good. Back to daily business: A family intending to build tell you how they imagine their future home and what is particularly important to them. You know exactly that you have built a house just like this for "some" prospective client, and you virtually have this design on your mind’s eye. The thing is that this client never built that house with you. You know that you have stored the design somewhere. If only you could remember the name of that client…

And then you begin searching for the right client or design, which usually ends with you creating the design again from scratch.
Builders without clear "images"

Similarly time-consuming are clients who have trouble describing how their house should look like, what style they like and what is important to them. How convenient would it be to present the designs of recent years to see if one of them is "coincidentally" the right style for them. This way, your clients would clearly show you - whether consciously or unconsciously - which is what they really want. YES, certain conversations can be so much shorter this way.
… and this is how it works:
The details important to the client are simply entered into the template of the needs analysis e.g.:
Roof form: saddle roof Style: modern
Floors: 1.5 floors Basement: utility room
Living space: min. 140m² Living room: min. 30m²
Bathroom: min. 15m² Number of nurseries: 3
As a result, the CAS provides all the houses meeting your clients’ criteria. The drafts display the most important information, all the floor plans, views and 3D visualizations. You can narrow down the selection criteria at any time, remove designs that do not meet customer needs and continuously limit the choice this way.
If you wish, you can give an interactive presentation of the draft via the stored / storable 3D indoor and outdoor panoramas and thus give the owners a real impression of their house. Female clients in particular, are usually very grateful when being given the opportunity to see the house from the "inside" and thus getting a real sense of the space.

Of course you can generate the house details/sales particulars from the stored designs with one click and provide them to your clients. However, it is the rule that designs are found, which only roughly match the wishes of the customer. The most suitable is then simply uploaded to Vi Plan and serves as a starting point for the desired adjustments.
Whether the house is to be extended by one meter, the layout adjusted, the roof shape changed or a winter garden planned, just use Vi Plan’s full range of functionalities. The decisive part is: You do not start from scratch for every house you design, but merely change what is necessary.
The CAS contents
In the future, you will create your plans with Vi plan and therefore have access to all designs without any extra effort. Particularly using the drafts stored in your future CAS, which you created for clients that DID NOT end up building with you, enables you to benefit from the once wasted time in the end.
You can supplement the CAS contents with strategically selected designs. No matter whether you deliberately enter designs of different architectural styles, which you haven’t provided before (shed roof, Bauhaus style, urban villas) or whether you buy our 200 plans, the effort or the costs are both manageable.
How it works
In case you wonder how much effort it is it to enter an existing design in the CAS: It is a task that only takes a couple of minutes per plan. If a draft is to be exported to the CAS, Vi Plan automatically takes over generating all floor plans, elevations, sections, the desired 3D images, as well as the room data sheet and the quantities. 

If more than one design is to be entered, you can also switch to automatic export. It doesn’t make a difference whether you enter 2 or 200 plans. Thanks to our functionalities, the effort is factually neutral. Vi simply ones one plan after the other and fully automatically effects the requested exports.
The new data sets can now be adopted by the CAS and then completed with additional criteria. You can change the search criteria and load updates to entered designs from Vi Plan at any time.

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