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The idea
As everyone knows, a picture is worth a thousand words. Particularly when your imagination is no longer enough to have a good feeling, a picture often is a decisive argument for many people wishing to build when choosing an architect they trust.

Because this fact has basically spread among all your colleagues,a 3D presentation of the future house or a corresponding hand drawing is no longer a real unique selling point. To be fair, you will be a lot faster with Vi Plan than many others your presentation will surely be more convincing, but all this "only" leads to you working more efficiently than other architects. However, it will not make a real difference to your prospective customers.

Panorama images could be your future USP. This technique is currently mainly used by photographers to produce virtual tours of already built homes. This certainly is an excellent approach as well. However, we are talking about presenting a design and not an already built house using this modern and vivid method.

The possibilities

Creating a panorama with Vi is easier than you might think. The attractively laid-out design is the basis. Basically, we distinguish between exterior and interior panoramas. In order to produce an exterior panorama of your design, you switch to the 3D view, adjust the position of the sun and the lighting, select the resolution for the panorama and then the file format. Then, creating the exterior panorama is executed completely automated.

Depending on which format you choose, executable panoramas, panoramas for Internet presentations or panoramas for use in Vi CAS are created.

If you like to create interior panoramas, you should first determine, for which rooms. While living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom certainly suggest themselves for producing creating panoramas, toilets or storage rooms are rather less exciting. You know from the needs analysis what is important – especially to female clients. It makes sense to consider this for the presentation of the relevant areas. Little things that cause no effort in principle - for example, finishing the kitchen with a red lacquer front, the client had raved about can become the deciding factor for purchase.

For creating the interior panoramas, you also switch to 3D. Here, you assume the desired position in the room and adjust the perspective so that also smaller rooms appear visually appealing. Set the desired brightness, select the resolution and file format for the panorama.

You will notice the difference between exterior and interior panoramas right away: While the outdoor panorama rotates automatically, in the interior panorama, you move around using the mouse and this way can inspect every detail of the room.

The presentation

Presenting the individual design is of course the key function of Vi Panorama. Unlike with a "normal" image, the client can genuinely experience their house and will certainly create completely different connection to your design and offer than without the panorama view. There are two key points for the presentation: 

First: "Less is more". Instead of creating interior panoramas of all of the rooms, they should be limited to the one or two main rooms. If you invest a little attention to detail here, you should be able to win over the female client.

Second: Make it RIGHT! Letting your clients have a quick look on the screen on your desk, just doesn’t have the same effect than consciously celebrating the presentation. First, serve them coffee and water, then slightly darken the room and then let them have a look on their future either in life size via a projector is through or on a large flat screen TV.

If you take these two points into account, using Vi Panorama will almost inevitably lead you to more excited customers and more orders.
Use on the homepage

Another important value for you is the opportunity to use the panoramas directly on your website. The necessary player is already part of Vi Panorama. Thus you are capable of creating high quality presentations with minimal effort (both in terms of work and finances) and to impart increased competence your public image as a seller of solid construction houses.
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