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In addition to a high degree of ...


... prefabrication and a very large distribution area, most manufacturers of prefabricated houses have one thing in common: A variety of vendors in different locations, who sell the homes. Especially with such structures, the data consistency and flexibility while controlling and monitoring is extremely important.



Local sellers should  ...
... be able to respond to the individual needs of prospective customers independently. This includes changing the tender planning as well as drawing up an offer. Here, there must be as little room for mistakes as possible, so that the company is able to trust the seller’s work result as far as possible.



The calculation of the offers is ...
... of particular importance. Firstly, the calculation must be linked to the existing ERP or PPS system. Secondly, here especially, the calculation must not be confused with the cost estimate. The offer calculation must be done precisely and in detail, with the aim to align the target values closer and closer to the actual values.
When it comes to ...
... tender planning effected by the sellers, it is important to assure that the tender planning is within the scope of what the company wants. Since Vi2000 has been used by leading German manufacturers of prefabricated houses for over 25 years, all those requirements have been incorporated in the development.
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Klaus Cronau &
Dr. Mathias Schäfer
FingerHaus GmbH
Vi2000 ist uns in der Entwurfsplanung und Kalkulation unerlässlich geworden!
Vi2000 ist uns mittlerweile zu einem wertvollen Tool geworden, das, auf unsere Bedürfnisse angepasst, Arbeitsabläufe optimiert, beschleunigt und unseren Ansprüchen als innovatives Unternehmen der Fertighausbranche Rechnung trägt. Das Programm ist uns in der Entwurfsplanung und Kalkulation von Häusern unerlässlich geworden. Flexibel in der Handhabung und präzise auf unsere Anforderungen abgestimmt, erfüllt es Funktionen im Planungs- und Kalkulationsbereich, die es uns ermöglichen noch individueller auf unsere Kunden einzugehen und trotzdem eine nicht unerhebliche Beschleunigung der Arbeitsabläufe erlaubt.