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Today, you will find 3D TVs in every electronics retail store. 3D technology has been the highlight at the IFA Berlin for several years- always different, but essentially identical. Since Avatar 3D has revolutionized   cinema, statistically, every German has at least once seen a 3D movie statistically. Ever since the largest German tabloid, Bild-Zeitung, has published several 3D editions and even Google Street View has a 3D mode, any observant person should be aware of the actual scope of this change.
Of course, Vi Plan has a 3D mode and the required red / cyan glasses are part of the delivery supplied to every user. What people really want, are moving images.

The slogan of the world's first builders’ cinemas, Bauunion 1905, near Berlin is: "Watch today, how you will live tomorrow." Millions of Euros have been invested in this innovation and together with the Fraunhofer Institute, this is one of our most important research projects. Even the EU promotes this innovation, for which Bauunion 1905 has specially built a movie theater to give builder-owners the opportunity to “dive” into a 1:1 scale model of their future home. Numerous television reports, hundreds of newspaper publications and several hundred surveys proof it: The house builders are thrilled!

Certainly, not every provider of solid construction houses can realize such innovation project or would want to - we have to be aware that in a builders’ cinema sampling is performed (of course including calculation). The question, however, is if you want to take the first step towards something that is by many regarded as the epitome of the future.

With 3D live, you can generate a 3D file directly from Vi, which can either be used in the CAS for presentations of houses or as an executable file independent of Vi – both with absolutely manageable effort. Adjusting the light and the perspective are essential steps, as is selecting the desired file format and the quality. Everything else works automatically.

Defining positions inside and outside the house is one viable option. If these are determined and released for generating a 3D live, they will be available in the stand-alone executable 3D file.

This way, you can set the optimum position for any desired room. When using the 3D file, this position is merely selected and serves as the basis from which the respective room and / or the whole house can be easily explored. In addition to functions such as walking, looking around, zooming in and "auto-rotate", you will also be provided with two 3D stereo versions.

Those will be automatically provided in addition to the classic representation. On the one hand, you can resort to the stereo presentation (suitable for any screen), using the red/cyan version in combination with the glasses supplied with Vi. The second option is the active shutter 3D technique contained in almost all 3D TV. Simply connect your 3D TV or 3D projector and set it to "stereo side-by-side". Use the shutter glasses of your TV or projector for three-dimensional representation.

The presentation

Presenting the future home of the clients is one of two main areas of application of 3D live. What is important here is that the design is not overcrowded. There should be sufficient space to “walk” around freely in every room.


Even if you don’t build your own home cinema for the presentation: The larger the screen, the more the client immerses in the virtual reality. A large monitor is preferable to a small one, which applies for the stereo TV as well as for the image of the projector. Make sure that the clients do not have to look up when you use a projector - (You probably wouldn’t to sit down in the first row of a cinema, either).

In times of smartphones booming and the hype about tablet PCs, almost everyone is on the "technology kick". Thus, most people have a certain technical basis. Nevertheless, you should clarify in advance whether your client has a (current) computer.

You know about yourself: If you are excited about something, you want to share it with your friends and acquaintances. With 3D live, you will be able to assist your clients fulfil this desire. And this is how our proposal to succeed:

After the client has signed the contract, you have confirmed it and a down payment has been made, usually not much is happening before the building application is issued. Exactly at this time, the client will receive a CD containing their house as a 3D live-file.

Of course, it is designed so that both your logo and the name of the client are clearly visibly presented. This way, you will enable your clients to deal intensively with their house without needing you. Let’s now assume the fact that your clients certainly also use it to share their future home with their friends, acquaintances and work colleagues. This way, you are tapping the contact network of all your clients in a modern and innovative way (experts speak of 200 people).
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