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Today, many shell construction companies...


...must provide services that were not part of the "classic" scope of services only a few years ago. One reason for this is the trend for lump-sum prices. While it used to be common to receive the complete bill of quantities with the necessary quality and quantity data for each object and then billed the actual quantities used after completion, this is usually different with overall contracts, particularly in single- and multi-family houses. While the bill of quantities is obtained in the form of an execution and quality specification, the quantities, however, must be calculated separately and a fixed price offer is issued based on them. Therefore, the risk of error lies solely with the shell company.


The same applies to ...
... tenders that appear to be complete, but include the small addition that "the quantities of the materials are checked by the executing firm and are thereby accepted as billing quantities". Here, too, the risk of quantity determination lies with the shell construction company, even if this becomes apparent at a second glance only. 


Due to numerous bankruptcies of ...


...developers and turnkey providers, a number of shell construction companies lost some of their hard-earned money in recent years. Therefore, executing at least the one or the other direct sales order is of great interest for many shell construction companies.



Here applies as well ...


...that the quantities of the offer must be accurately determined, because every end user wants to know exactly how much the shell construction will cost.



Apart from all these points ...


... it must also be ensured that for classic accounting via a bill of quantities, the proof of quantity for the client can be generated with the least possible effort.



Therefore, the requirement profile ...


... is clearly defined, to determine the exact amounts of a house with minimal effort - as nobody pays for it - and to use these for the proof of quantity without any additional effort.





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