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Initial situation

Either all the offers that have yet to be calculated are piling up on your desk or there is just nothing to do. Of course, determining the quantities needed for the respective plans must then be done sometime along the way. You have your assistant put together the quote. The builder starts your conversation by mentioning that the bathroom must be redesigned and that they need to know the price for the heat pump before signing the contract.

If all this sounds familiar, you might also know the situations when you realize in the middle of a project that the cantilever plate under the bay window (which became part of the job again after redesigning for the second time) was forgotten, just like the second entrance door leading to the garage.

The good profit margin is gone and you're wondering once again why you put yourself through the stress of planning houses at all.
The future
By entering the planning data in Vi Plan, you have already completed the job of determining the quantities. Rest assured that forgetting e.g. the cantilever plates or entrance doors is a thing of the past. Due to the continuity of planning and cost calculation, there are no longer any offers yet to be calculated piling up on your desk.

In retrospect, it was simply the best decision to use your employee’s saved time to teach her how to design houses with Vi Plan (since she no longer has to write quotes, as those are, just like the tenders, the automatic results of the calculation).

Now, you increasingly use your time for sales and to work on your company, and therefore simultaneously on your cost calculation.
How it works

The design is always the basis of the calculation. It delivers both masses and quantities as well as information about correlations used for the calculation. A cantilever without a basement on the ground floor is recognized automatically, as are roof or wall connections, valleys or walls that are not positioned precisely on top of each other.
The stages of completion are switchable per floor and define the basic scope of supply. Regardless whether "bare-bone house", "shell" or "existing" (applies for extensions or modifications) - there are no limits to your flexibility.

You can reduce the basic scope of supply through personal contribution "packages" at any time.
Service packages are available to extend the basic offer. Typically, they are used when "just the pure shell" is offered at first.
Our industry model "solid construction" contains almost all currently available materials and designs, whether brick, aerated concrete, insulation materials or the entire interior construction and building equipment. Our industry model is up to date and therefore provides an excellent basis for your customizations. 

"Optional equipment" is the control level where you specify which design and which materials is offered to your customers. The basic idea is that the most common designs are preset and only project-based specifics have to be adjusted.
Despite all its flexibility, operating the software is completely self-explanatory. It automatically displays only the control elements relevant for the project, which are all provided with a detailed manual.
The offer
If the data of prospective clients are collected, the offer can be generated with a click. The dynamic specification ensures that every detail, such as wall material, ceiling design, footing, stairs etc, is described automatically. The necessary quotation texts are of course included in your industry model "solid construction". You can customize these text as well as the calculation contents to suit your needs.
The tender

Just like the offer, the tender will be automatically created as a result of the calculation. You can create it sorted by trades or as one complete document, using short or long texts.
The bill of materials
In solid construction, the items can be stored using a material calculation.

Next to the item "completely create ring beam in 24 cm brick U-shell”, the BOM would break the item up into U-stones, concrete steel, concrete and insulation (if you build it with your own employees).

The items thus automatically resort to the materials management via your BOM.
The time target lists

Just like for the material, the time targets for the services are stored in the form of time target lists (allowed times) and the service is calculated via real and/or average wage. You can decide for each individual item, whether you use this functionality.
Your path to the future

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. To set up your calculation based on the industry model “solid construction”, this step consists of visiting our calculation seminars. There you will learn the system of calculation and/or how to set it up.
Experienced swp coaches - usually these engineers have worked as quantity surveyors for years – accompany you in this endeavor with the intensity of your choice.
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Das Programm bietet sehr viele Möglichkeiten, die man erst nach und nach entdeckt und ständig erweitert. Durch die Kombination Zeichnungserstellung und Kalkulation wurde für unseren Betrieb die Angebotserstellung vereinfacht und genauer. Auch hat uns die Kalkulation über die berechneten Massen gezeigt, wo bisher zur Handkalkulation Fehler gemacht wurden. Das Coaching in Ihrem Hause ist mir noch sehr gut in Erinnerung und hat mir trotz der Arbeit sehr viel Spaß gemacht, ganz besonders hat mir die unkomplizierte Zusammenarbeit gefallen.
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