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You would like to have more direct orders from builder owners?
Then, the quantity determination is your main issue. Of course you can carry it out with a ruler and pocket calculator, hoping that you won't forget something. However, you can also opt for the more modern way and simply and quickly enter the design into the computer, to determine the required quantities. This idea - as fascinating as it is - will only work if both aspects, SIMPLE and QUICK, can be taken literally.
As a master builder, you will certainly not sit in front of the computer every day and in addition, the demand of the end users is subject to seasonal fluctuations. Therefore, a software, whose operation you need to relearn every time you use it, will not work for you any better than "highly scientific" programs that take hours to yield any useful results.
Creating the structure of the house
You can design the basic structure of the house within less than a minute by simply entering house length and width, selecting the wall thickness and the number of floors. The dimensioned floor plans and sections, all the views and the 3D presentation of the house will be instantly available to you. In addition to the basement, the house can consist of up to 5 floors (including the attic) and be up to 110 meters (360 ft) tall. You can change the default data used for floor height and ceiling thickness at any time.
If there are building elements such as gables, bays, extensions etc., select the required element in the respective wizard and determine its form and enter the size. The wizard (dynamic component template) takes over the construction.
Due to our 30 years of experience, we have integrated a set of dynamic component templates in Vi Plan, with the ambition to automate more than 90% of the conventional building elements used for single-family homes.
By repeatedly using the same dynamic component templates, you are capable of creating sophisticated designs easily, quickly and efficiently.
From the very beginning, the entrepreneurs themselves were relied on as users of Vi Plan. With only a few entries, interior walls, stairs and balconies are placed, building components are positioned and rooms are defined. To facilitate this, hot keys such as "C" for corner and "L" for the length can be used.
6 Hotkeys serve to operate about 75% of the functions. This facilitates both the first steps, as well as working in between longer time periods. The integration of standard Windows functions, such as "Ctrl + C" and "Ctrl + V" for copy and paste, facilitate the job even more.
In addition, the conventional sizes of the building components used in solid construction have already been entered into the system for you, as have a wide range of stairs and chimneys and a complete room program. You can make changes and additions at any time.

Thanks to automatic dimensioning, a design will be available to you at the push of a button in the form needed for the construction site. This, too is a pleasant side effect of this modern way of working.
3D presentation
Generally, the 3D view is available at any time. You have the option to check each of your entries visually; certainly the easiest and most effective way to avoid forgetting something.
In addition, you are able to create an appealing presentation of the house. Thanks to hundreds of templates that you can combine and change arbitrarily, you will be able to realize this in less than 5 minutes. In principle, this is not your job - BUT: If you invest these 5 minutes regularly, there will be a high probability to receive new requests and orders from end users.

Floor space calculation and enclosed space

These calculations must be made from time to time and not everyone considers calculating their favorite activity. As a result of entering the data for your house, Vi Plan provides the floor space calculations and the enclosed space as an output option. Of course, you can incorporate your logo in the output.
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Das Programm bietet sehr viele Möglichkeiten, die man erst nach und nach entdeckt und ständig erweitert. Durch die Kombination Zeichnungserstellung und Kalkulation wurde für unseren Betrieb die Angebotserstellung vereinfacht und genauer. Auch hat uns die Kalkulation über die berechneten Massen gezeigt, wo bisher zur Handkalkulation Fehler gemacht wurden. Das Coaching in Ihrem Hause ist mir noch sehr gut in Erinnerung und hat mir trotz der Arbeit sehr viel Spaß gemacht, ganz besonders hat mir die unkomplizierte Zusammenarbeit gefallen.
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