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More and more tenders for ...


... one order, increasingly well-informed buyers and more detailed questions - this is today's situation for most vendors of solid construction houses worldwide. At the same time, it is neccessary to keep the effort and the cost structure as low as possible due to declining margins. Nevertheless, an exact calculation is crucial, especially during the bidding phase and former methods of cost estimation are no longer appropriate.





Due to the larger number of ...


... competitors you want to and must distance yourself from them in a positive way and offer the potential clients more than they do - but of course without any additional effort



The old sales rule ...


... "The faster seller closes the deal", is as valid today as it was in the past. Therefore, it is important to find the optimum product for each interested person as quickly as possible and to not only implement requested changes, but also assess their prices on short notice - optimally during the sales pitch.



Thanks to our platfrom Vi2000 that was developped ...


... in a solid construction company, those requirements can be met. Since 1983, VI2000 has been used by hundreds of construction companies and has been constantly enhanced in an effort to meet their individual requirements.














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Ralf Sperling
Edelsteinhaus GmbH
Back to the roots – nachdem wir kurzzeitig auf computer-
technischen Irr- bzw. Abwe-
gen waren ...
... freuen wir uns auf eine gemeinsame Zusammenarbeit in Punkto EDV-Gesamtlösung mit Vi2000 von swp! Nach intensiver, fast 3-monatiger Testphase mit dem Programm xxx der Firma xxx mussten wir feststellen, dass die von Ihrem Mitbe-
werber in seiner Werbung und Produktpräsentation getroffenen Aussagen über die Leistungsfähigkeit der Software keinesfalls den Anforderungen bzw. der Anwendungsrealität entsprachen.
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