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Our customer service center in Dresden provides all Vi-users with help and advice.

Regardless of whether you:

  • need telephone support during planning
  • need our specialists to solve a "designing problem" in one of your plans
  • want to have shared screen session (Internet) for one of your new planning areas
  • want our staff to directly implement rare planning constellations for you
  • require company-specific textures, images, 3D objects or completed scenes
  • finally want to make productive use of your CAS, but you do not have time for this
  • want to automate components you frequently use as company-specific component templates (DCT)
  • need capacity for removal at demand peaks
  • want us to update items in your calculation, change calculations, define stages of completion, set up the construction and service specifications or draw up quotation texts
  • need regular support, e.g. via screen sharing, in addition to the calculation course (coaching) to REALLY use your calculation effectively
We are your business partner. Of course, it is YOU, who decides which service is worth you YOUR MONEY, because it is YOUR BUSINESS.

Thanks to the small amounts of data of our designs, they can be easily sent to our service staff via email. Thus, rapid and direct intervention is possible for them at any time – a feature that is especially taken advantage of "if the customer is almost at the door".

Of course we are also available for implementing existing designs in Vi2000. This service is particularly useful for beginners, who possess many ground plan proposals and want to be "ready to get going" in the shortest possible time.

Our modern training center in Dresden is not only used for Softwareparadies training and coaching events, but are also available to you for individual training and events. You, your staff and your partners will remember a visit to our company for a long time - especially when you connect it with a guided tour of the baroque city center of Dresden, a boat trip with the largest fleet of paddle steamers in the world, or a historical knight’s banquet in one of the many event restaurants in Dresden. Of course, customer service team will be happy to you help you organize a training and even book a hotel and such sightseeing tours.

In addition to our “service center” in Dresden, we are also available for you "on site". Our service staff and our partners’ certified trainers are available to you, as well as a variety of longstanding Vi2000 users (by individual arrangement) to provide direct support in your company. Whether for individual training or coaching, temporary outsourcing of planning, training your employees or supporting you on your next in-house exhibition: We have the right partner for you.
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