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Vi2000 - Version 18
Would you like to see ALL the Highlights of the latest Vi generation? Our area managers will introduce the version directly at your company. Please contact Mrs. Grabow at +49 (0)351 - 49285-30 to make an appointment.
New features in Vi Plan


  • Direct help function


  • Many new help buttons with links to the respective manual chapters facilitate your job and help you better understand the program.
  • Windows and patio doors


  • The variants for windows sashes and patio doors have been extensively expanded including a 4-part lift-slide for patio doors
  • All variants are supplied as properties for the calculation
  • Note that those must be incorporated into your calculation -> see calculation

  • Below window variants are available -> Please note that the settings of the imposts for the variants "rigid bottom" still exist
  • These are the patio door variants you can use -> Please note that the settings of the imposts for the variants "rigid bottom" still exist


  • Lightwells for patio doors 


  • With version 18, lightwells, which used to be restricted to windows, are now available for patio doors

  •  Note that those must be incorporated into your calculation -> see calculation



  • Roof as studio truss 


  • The characteristic of a purlin / rafter roof can be changed into a studio truss.

  • The studio truss automatically activates the function 'eaves'? and leads to a "decoupling" of the sectional view of the selected wall thickness below the studio truss


  • Dynamic component template


  • "Detached garage or attached to house" was completely revised: The new dynamic component template provides extensive design options, starting with the number, the arrangement, the roof elements and the resultant ceiling elements. No more wishes for a garage design should remain unfulfilled, even for combinations with carports. In the sections and views, the garage can be displayed easily, and is taken into account in the enclosed space.



  • The garage door top edge has, analogous to windows, patio doors and front doors, preset values for a standard top edge




  • Front door canopies


  • Front door canopies are a setting found in the front door properties

  • The canopies are supplied as property and can, if desired, be directly calculated
  • Note that they must be incorporated into your calculation -> see calculation



  • Site planning


  • Each site polygon can now receive its own material setting and thus have a different surface than the rest of site design

  • With the new option "without ground" for a site polygon, areas of the site surface can be cut out in order to see objects that protrude into the ground, such as a pool or the area of the external basement stairs.


  • Railings can now be positioned on the site with their lower edge.





  • 17 new panoramic wallpapers are available for 3D animations, in particular for panoramas.





  • Drawing functions


  • The existing line types are comprehensively extended by 30 new line types, including a line for sealing and for fences, a rectangular line, zigzag line and demolition line. The new line styles can also be used for circles, ellipses and arcs and appear with dotted lines on the printouts.

  • Character blocks can now be saved in DXF or DWG format.
  • The technical character blocks have also been extensively expanded and revised. The following areas were complemented: water supply, gas supply, electrical installation, folding marks for A0-A2
  • Export to DXF / DWG was enhanced: Dimensional chains can be exported as true "dimensions" now.
  • Different Layer sets are included in version 18 both for export as DXF / DWG or for the CAS and of course for planning.


  • Visualization


  • The 3D functionality "correct converging lines" was also optimized for outdoor use.



  • New icons and 3D objects


  • Extended selection of swimming pools



  • New furniture in part 1 of our new furniture catalog "modern living"




  • Lots of new playground equipment for garden and grounds or playgrounds




  • New vehicles (electric car, vans of various sizes and a mobile home)




  • Starting with version 18, our Bauhaus symbols are included as a standard and are available as additional catalog.




  • Templates for title blocks and ViPlot


  • A number of new and revised title blocks - 34 pieces - are now available, identifiable by "V18" in the file name. The new 2D functionalities were used, font properties adjusted and provided with the newly added project data for field, field sector, local subdistrict and county.
  • The print templates for ViPlot have also been extensively revised and expanded. All users are now provided with sales particulars templates and templates for construction site signs. The new print templates are also characterized by a "V18" in the file name - 38 templates are available.

  • Miscellaneous


  • The dongle number can now be easily found in the info dialog via Vi Plan.

  • The system configuration has been extended: "Extended Eckenfang for chimneys and stairs" can now be selected in the basic settings.

  • The removal of the projection of the binder courses (Grenadier) ensures a harmonious display of buildings with facing brick facade (Verblenderfassade).


New features in Vi Kalk


  • Direct help function


  • Many new help buttons (in the optional equipment and the formula editor) with links to the respective manual chapters facilitate your job and help you better understand the program.
  • Calculation extension for new V18 features


  • Adjustment of the calculation of windows and patio doors to the new leave types and partitioning variants --> See video for procedure

  • If required, expansion of the calculation of the basement lightwells for patio doors
     --> calculation is derived from the existing items of the windows

  • If requested, calculation of the planned door canopies via E24 and the supplied style
    -> detail coordination via the customer service

  • Text blocks


  • In the project, the quantities of the selected items are displayed

  • In the list, the tooltip of the selected item is displayed above its description

  • Searching for the item number in selected items  is now possible.

  • Batch calculation


  • The display of projects for batch calculation can now be selected alphabetically and by insertion order – in addition, there is a search function in the list

  • Templates for personal contribution and service packages


  • The templates in the section ‘personal contribution and service packages’ serve to pre-configure any combinations and to add them to projects with a single click

  • Statistical features


  • All BKCodes from the area PI can now be issued with the statistical characteristics


  • Editing


  • The search for formula parts now also takes into account your own fixed formulas

  • In the material master templates, the items in which they are used are displayed

  • During BOM maintenance for the item prices, the selected groups are maintained

  • For percentage surcharge items and quantity factor surcharge items, the surcharge for wage and material may now be different

  • Price list items can be rounded up during the CAS export to round amounts (full tens, hundreds...)

  • New functions


  • In the “open project” dialog, the total price of the project (incl. discount) is displayed

  • There is an item search in the fixed quantities

  • When the price list items are output, there is an extra filter, which accesses the setting "in Vi Kalk and Vi CAS"

  • New version of Vi Report


  • In version 18, a new version of Vi Report is available

  • Significant acceleration of the Vi ReportGenerator

  • Adaption of image display


  • Project comparison


  • The deviations from the price comparison can be printed during import

  • For templates for the optional equipment default settings can now be specified whether they can be selected for batch calculation or optional equipment

  • Improvement


  • In Value6 in the RM-20-X codes, the perforated surface is now forwarded from the components

  • Studio truss is integrated as roof construction

  • Interfaces


  • Change in the GAEB interface from the GAEB version 3.1 to version 3.2

  • The long texts of the groups are now also output to GAEB


Neu features in Vi CAS


  • Direct help function


  •     Many new help buttons (in the optional equipment and the formula editor) with links to the respective manual chapters facilitate your job and help you better understand the program.
  • Offers


  • Switchable building contract page

  • Page margins are configurable

  • Alternative additional or reduced services also in the CAS

  • Complete help functions integrated in the CAS

  • Complete revision of the copying process of offers

  • Accelerated offer preview

  • Substantial increase in the set of variables, which can be used in the offer

  • Additional settings in the document types


  • Design review and quality control for hundreds of designs


  • As an administrator, the completely revised BK code testing area is available to you in the CAS. You can carry out analyses and design reviews across all designs of one instance.

  • Especially for companies that have worked with Vi Plan for a long time, this is an extremely simple and fast way to BE AWARE OF what has to be adjusted in which designs when changes are applied to the specification.



New features in Vi Masses & quantities


  • Extensive expansion of the content of Vi Masses  & quantities.


  What is new | .pdf file


Home sale
Nach Eingabe der Such- kriterien liefert Ihnen das CAS  als Suchergebnis sämtliche Häuser, die den Vorstellungen Ihres Kunden entsprechen.
Vi Plan und Vi Designer setzen nicht auf eine aufwändige Konstruktion, sondern auf eine einfache und für jeden schnell erlernbare Klartexteingabe.
Quantity determination
Exakte & vollständige Mengenlis-
ten OHNE zusätzlichen Aufwand, einfach per Klick. Z.B. als Basis
für Ihre eigene Kalkulation. Sie können unbegrenzt viele Listen  konfigurieren.
Construction cost calculation
Vi Kalk ist die automatische Baukostenkalkulation. Nicht AVA, Kalkulation, Mengenermittlung oder Kostenschätzung nach irgendeiner DIN.
Je nach Formatwahl, werden selbstständig lauffähige Pano-
ramen (u.a. für Internetpräsen-tationen) oder solche für die Verwendung im Vi CAS erzeugt.
3D presentation
Mit der 3D live haben Sie die Möglichkeit, eine 3D-Datei zu erzeugen, die z.B. als von Vi unabhängige, lauffähige Datei verwendet werden kann.
Vi Plans
Alle Entwürfe sind mit Liebe zum Detail gestaltet und voll-
ständig möbliert. Für Sie heißt dies, dass Sie die Pläne sofort verwenden können.
Data transfer to timber programs
Mit dem Holzbaukonfigurator wurde eine Übersetzungsebe-
ne geschaffen, die es den Un-
ternehmen ermöglicht, Daten von A nach B zu übersetzen.
Basierend auf dem Hausmodell wird der Bauherr in einer foto-
realistischen 3D-Visualisierung in das digitale Modell seines zu-
künftigen Hauses eingebunden.
Energy-efficient retrofitting
Durch energetische Sanierung können je nach Art & Umfang der Maßnahmen bis zu 50 %
der heute verbrauchten Energie eingespart werden.
Mobile presentation - App + web
Ob Sie Ihre Häuser als großen Katalog in Ihre eigene Home-
page einbinden oder diese Ihren Interessenten als „Ihre firmeneigene App“ präsentie-
ren, bleibt Ihnen überlassen.
Project and corporate management
Es ist EIN System, von der Adressverwaltung über das Dokumentenmanagement, von der Vergabe und Abrechnung über die Bauzeitenplanung und das Bauprotokoll, vom Service bis zur Mängelverwal-
tung und dem Controlling UND all das Prozessge-
steuert, mittels anwenderdefinierter Workflows.