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Vi2000 - Version 19
Would you like to see ALL the Highlights of the latest Vi generation? Our area managers will introduce the version directly at your company. Please contact Mrs. Grabow at +49 (0)351 - 49285-30 to make an appointment.
New features in Vi Plan
  • Expansion of exports by one IFC interface (version 2X3 TC1)
  • The IFC export serves to import 3D designs in other systems.


  • The output file can be a STEP or XML and either uncompressed or compressed.
  • Complete revision of the 2D house views


  • Display of glass roofs, free railings, ridge tiles, gutters and - if activated - downspouts.
  • Elimination of the improved surface sorting.
In general, the 2D house view is now generated from the same data as the 3D visualization. Everything you could see there so far, is now integrated in the 2D view (except from interfloor stairs and symbols - those are currently not shown for speed reasons). Warning: From now on, this quality is of course also transmitted to Vi CAS and Vi Plot!
  • Display of free railings in the 2D view, starting at version 19
  • Also, the lowered roller shutter curtains are now visible in the 2D view as well.


  • Revision of the balcony railings
  • Balcony railings now automatically generate gaps in the area of ​​walls and columns. Warning: This also results in altered quantities, especially in as-completed drawings!


  • Extended choice of the free railings:

  • Now, also the variants with balcony function available for selection.


  • Extended function in material assignment
  • Separate material settings for frames and sashes for windows and patio doors
  • Hundreds of supplementary 3D wallpapers:


  • 60 simple backgrounds, just with sky and horizon ...
  • ... and 234 neighborly / scenic backgrounds
  • Extended choice of wallpapers by 14 panoramic images


  • Extended choice in furnishings
  • New beds as a continuation of our furniture catalog "modern living"
  • Expansion of the children's adventure furniture
  • New design option: display of chimney and symbols optional
  • Extended design function: foundation plate offset, separately controllable for houses with and without basements.
  • This setting is stored as a default setting and can be customized as needed while creating a new design. Warning: The resulting differing size of the foundation plate will be transferred to the calculation. Therefore, it is no longer necessary to observe the base plate projection in Vi Kalk. That means that you may have to adjust your calculation to use the new feature!
  • Expansion of 'other settings'

  • Left and right projections as default setting for French balconies, bottom and top projections as default setting for folding shutters
  • Extended choice of girder sections

  • Extended choice of material allocation:

The new profile steel girders receive their own material allocation, independent of the solid girders’ material allocation.

  • Expansion of the hatching selection

  • Supplementary hatches for paving and vegetation and agricultural land and water surfaces for use in building applications, as well as hatches for additional tile patterns and tessellation and for various roof coverings to enhance the presentation...
…for example, room hatches…
…and roof hatches in the ground plan…

…and as material hatching in the 2D view of the house.


  • Extended and revised quantity information
  • The left and right projections of the entrance door canopy are now provided in HT-1-1-value10 and value11
  • The position of the free railing - in the house or outside - is now provided in GE-1-1-E2
  • Corrections to the roof soffit surfaces in value1 of the quantity codes DA-21-1 and DA-21-2 for cross gables at roofs with principals
  • The foundation plate offset is available in the quantity code GD 1-7.
  • Expansion of the Vi CAS export:
  • Panoramas can now be exported to Vi CAS, both for individual designs and as a batch run.

  • Expansion by a new batch run: Update Vi Plot
  • Via this program function, all print templates in selected designs of a specified folder are automatically updated and saved.
  • Further improvements
  • When copying components the individual material is now copied, too.
  • The additional wall marking for building components is visible again.
  • When dimensioning interior doors and passages, there now is a third decimal place.
  • Ground lines lying inside each other can be marked now.
  • When designing the grounds, the rectangle serves as an additional drawing function.
  • A full-screen display (for example, on a second monitor) of the preview for sampling symbols is now possible.
  • All facade subareas can be erased for the entire design under "Delete element group".
  • With the backspace key, individual ground points can now be deleted even during input (analogous to the drawing functions).
  • When choosing images, now "all image formats" will be offered from the start.
New features in Vi CAS
  • Offers
  • In the offer, the background color and the line width can be selected for group headers
  • Different image sets can be created for an offer (for example, "Young Family", "Generation 50 +...)
 New features in Vi Kalk
  • General
  • Notpad function was added for items (analogous to content of the optional equipment)
  • Acceleration of the price calculation for surcharge schemes when the material master is used
  • Acceleration of calculating dialogues
  • Possibility to export additional or reduced services (incl. prices) to Vi CAS in the form of service packages for order processing
  • Adaptation to Office 2016

  • Bug fixing
  • Side panels for front doors are only output 1x in the ReportGenerator

  • Quantity information
  • The rafter dimensions from DA 3 1 are forwarded in all DD and DA BKCodes (dimension1 -> value11, dimension2 - -> value12, dimension3> value13) that have a reference to a roof via element IDs
  • Adjustable threshold value in the program settings, which sets the value E1 to 10 for roofs that are beneath a particular roof pitch (for flat roof)
Nach Eingabe der Such- kriterien liefert Ihnen das CAS  als Suchergebnis sämtliche Häuser, die den Vorstellungen Ihres Kunden entsprechen.
Vi Plan und Vi Designer setzen nicht auf eine aufwändige Konstruktion, sondern auf eine einfache und für jeden schnell erlernbare Klartexteingabe.
Exakte & vollständige Mengenlis-
ten OHNE zusätzlichen Aufwand, einfach per Klick. Z.B. als Basis
für Ihre eigene Kalkulation. Sie können unbegrenzt viele Listen  konfigurieren.
Vi Kalk ist die automatische Baukostenkalkulation. Nicht AVA, Kalkulation, Mengenermittlung oder Kostenschätzung nach irgendeiner DIN.
Je nach Formatwahl, werden selbstständig lauffähige Pano-
ramen (u.a. für Internetpräsen-tationen) oder solche für die Verwendung im Vi CAS erzeugt.
Mit der 3D live haben Sie die Möglichkeit, eine 3D-Datei zu erzeugen, die z.B. als von Vi unabhängige, lauffähige Datei verwendet werden kann.
Vi Pläne
Alle Entwürfe sind mit Liebe zum Detail gestaltet und voll-
ständig möbliert. Für Sie heißt dies, dass Sie die Pläne sofort verwenden können.
Übergabe an Holzbauprogramme
Mit dem Holzbaukonfigurator wurde eine Übersetzungsebe-
ne geschaffen, die es den Un-
ternehmen ermöglicht, Daten von A nach B zu übersetzen.
Basierend auf dem Hausmodell wird der Bauherr in einer foto-
realistischen 3D-Visualisierung in das digitale Modell seines zu-
künftigen Hauses eingebunden.
Energetische Sanierung
Durch energetische Sanierung können je nach Art & Umfang der Maßnahmen bis zu 50 %
der heute verbrauchten Energie eingespart werden.
mobile Präsentation - App + web
Ob Sie Ihre Häuser als großen Katalog in Ihre eigene Home-
page einbinden oder diese Ihren Interessenten als „Ihre firmeneigene App“ präsentie-
ren, bleibt Ihnen überlassen.
Projekt- und Unternehmenssteuerung
Es ist EIN System, von der Adressverwaltung über das Dokumentenmanagement, von der Vergabe und Abrechnung über die Bauzeitenplanung und das Bauprotokoll, vom Service bis zur Mängelverwal-
tung und dem Controlling UND all das Prozessge-
steuert, mittels anwenderdefinierter Workflows.