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Seminar Building application planning
As a seminar: 1 day, as a webinar: 3 parts, each 2.5 hours

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Number of participants
At least 4 and up to 12 persons for seminars; at least 4 persons for webinars

Head office Dresden

€ 279,20 per person and day for ViPartners, otherwise € 349,00

Target group

Architects, construction engineers, design draftsmen, building application planners



The participant has completed the seminar Vi Plan and is proficient in the basic designing functions. The participant has basic knowledge about structural engineering and construction. If the complete design is created by one person and NOT a third-party preliminary planning finalized into a building application, we recommend signing up for "Planning Professional". 



Taking an existing preliminary planning and making it into a building application within 1 day (max). The participant should be proficient in alle construction functions, and be able to independently define construction details, text fields and large-scale digital copies. Detailed planning such as kitchen installation and electrical plan can be created within a few hours.


Seminar contents

  • What are the different 2D construction functions? 
  • When do I use which function?
  • How and why do I create drawing blocks and symbols?
  • Importing and working on site plans
  • Designing, administrating and managing construction details
  • Layer-control, creating textfields and digital copies
  • Dimensioning functions, automatic and individual dimensioning
  • Multiple incorporating of floor plans in the digital copies incl. drawing sections for a part of the floor plan (e.g. kitchen)
  • Creating an example building application
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