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Webinar Vi CAS - Basic configuration
2 parts, each 2.5 hours (for customers without Vi Kalk)
3 parts, each 2.5 hours (or customers with Vi Kalk)

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Number of participants
At least 4 persons

2 parts, € 233 per  person (for ViPartners 186,40€)
3 parts € 349 per  person (for ViPartners 279,20€)

Target group

First-time users of Vi CAS interessenten, die die verschiedenen Einsatzszenarien des Vi CAS kennenlernen möchten (Teil 1), die ihr Vi CAS direkt einrichten möchten (Teil 2) oder sich über die Anbindung des Vi CAS an die Kalkulation informieren wollen (Teil 3).



  • There are no preconditions for part 1. This part of the webinar can also be visited by Vi users, who are interested in Vi CAS and want to get an overview on the possible areas of application.
  • For part 2, Vi Plan and Vi CAS and for part 3 also Vi Kalk need to be installed and running on the participant's computer.
  • For part 3, either the configurated calculation version of the company or the most current industry model must be installed and running. (sent or provided as download link by customer service).
  • At least 2 - 3 (preferably some more) house designs, created by the customer themselves, must be present in order to imported in Vi CAS (part 2) and for the automatic calculation incl. importing the results in Vi CAS (part 3). Another precondition are the videos on Vi CAS and the interplay between design and calculation (part 3). (List of videos is provided by customer service)



After the webinar, the participants have a clear understanding of how to use Vi CAS in their company. The relationship between Vi Plan, Vi CAS and Vi Kalk (if applicable) are clear and example designs have been completely entered in Vi CAS and - if they own Vi Kalk - they are calculated in imported in Vi CAS. Participants are aware of the options to create offers in Vi CAS and to connection to Vi Mobile to use the Vi CAS contents online or via the Vi Mobile App.


Seminar contents

Part 1
  • Use of Vi CAS as design archive, catalog, house selling programm, house configurator and controlling instrument (only with Vi Kalk)  
  • Vi CAS as a basis for presenting designs online via Vi Mobile
Part 2   
  • Entering individual designs and existing design archives in Vi CAS inkl. creating and integrating panorama views - for one or multiple designs - and creating 3D live files, catalogs, images, videos etc.
  • User interface of Vi CAS – tabs,selection data and entry field, designing, content and connection to Vi Plan and Vi Kalk, setting up the catalog in Vi CAS
  • Configuration of the Vi CAS output documents, form sales particulars, living space overview, price sheets and complete offers to service contract.
  • Using so-calle instances, splitting up tasks - Back office / sales personal, connection to Vi Mobile
Part 3   
  • Integration of the statistical characteristics of the calculation, creating batch calculations - for individual houses or design archives, importing the results in the calculation incl. the option to re-use the results for e.g. Excel analyses
  • System of the price list items incl. connection to statistical characteristics and use in the offer programm of Vi CAS.

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webinar 'Vi CAS - Basic configuration'.
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