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Seminar Vi Kalk "calculation - set up, adjustment & maintenance"
As a seminar: 2 consecutive days, as a webinar: 6 parts, each 2.5 hours 

Coordination via the Vi2000 Customer Service - List of upcoming events (click here)

At least 4 and up to 12 persons for seminars; at least 4 persons for webinars

Head office Dresden

€ 558,40 per person for both days for ViPartners, otherwise € 698,00

Target group

Calculators/quantity surveyors or administrators, who want to set up Vi Kalk by themselves. Constractors or calculators, who want to continue working with or take care of a configured in their business.



Experience in calculating houses. Well-grounded knowledge of their building technique and experience in calculation.



How does the calculation work - contexts, dependencies, logics. What kind of calculation options are there? What do I want to do myself and what do I want to have done by others? Surcharges, price formation and Ausweisungen - what are the different options?


Seminar contents

  • Offer scope – BLB (building and real estate management authority), construction stages, personal contribution and service packages 
  • Data structure – trades, groups, items
  • Data sources – masses & quantity, optional equipment, calculation factors, fixed formulas
  • Quantity determination– wall, room and group logics, formulas, percentage surcharge items, special, additional and "warning message" items
  • Price maintenance – price lists, price input, price maintenance and change, commercial surcharges, surcharge schemes
  • Offer – offer presentation, offer texts, text groups, room book entries, variables in the offer, Vi Report use and options
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