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Seminar Vi Plan - an absolut must for every user (2 days or 6 webinar parts)
As a seminar: 2 consecutive days, as a webinar: 6 parts, each 2.5 hours 

Coordination via the Vi2000 Customer Service  - List of upcoming events (click here)

Number of participants
At least 4 and up to 12 people for seminars; at least 4 people for webinars

Head office Dresden

€ 558.40 per person for both days for ViPartners, otherwise € 698.00

Target group

All users new to Vi2000 who create designs. For returners who haven’t used Vi2000 for a long time.



In preparation, each participant should have spent about 4 to 5 hours on planning and worked through the practice session.


Seminar contents

  • Philosophy of Vi2000, differences to CAD systems  
  • Basic settings, base structure of the house
  • Dynamic component templates, roofs, balconies
  • Planning of walls, building components
  • Designing rooms, chimneys and stairs
  • Terrain and route planning, ground templates
  • Designing the interior and exterior, symbols, symbol groups
  • Material assignment, material templates, 3D operation
  • Visualization, designed positions, scenes
  • Text fields and designing different views
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