BulletSystem requirements
  • System requirements V19 | .pdf file
    Please make sure to check the current system requirements when acquiring new hardware. Generally, you should not follow the minimum requirements, but our recommendations! As of November 2015.
CAUTION ! ! !  WINDOWS XP and Office 2003:

Please note that we have – just like Microsoft – stopped the support for Windows XP and Office 2003 since April 2014! In individual cases, this may mean that the updates that were/are released after April 2014, still run under Windows XP, but we assume no liability since that date. Office 2003 is no longer supported since version 16.


CAUTION ! ! !  CAUTION ! ! !  64bit Office versions are NOT supported!
Office 2010, 2013 and 2016 in 64 bit are not supported. Only the 32-bit versions of Office are supported!

Information on virtualization programs:
It is possible, to configure a virtual machine with e.g. Windows 7 under the operating system Mac OS. This virtualization programs simulate a PC for the "guest" operating system. We would like to point out that this constellation is not supported and use is at your own risk. Not all graphics cards (and graphics card drivers) are compatible with these programs and function like they would on a "normal" PC. Therefore, the license terms for use of such software include no guarantees.

Therefore, please refrain from productive use of an unsupported operating system in combination with a supported operating system.

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