2015 Integrated solutions for the timber construction- there are more possibilities that you would think!
On March 27, 2015 we, too were invited to HOMAG VS to discuss, alongside other experts (like SEMA software, WEINMANN Holzbausystemtechnik, Ammann Leica Builder for 3-Dimensional measuring) the process optimization of the entire order processing, resulting in a faster order fulfillment.


A day about the integrated solution of machine technology for the element construction and joinery to CAD system and calculation software.


The Vi Rocket Science Center was founded

The managing directors of Softwareparadies GmbH & Co. KG Systemlösungen have jointly founded Vi RSC as a platform for B2B software providers. On 1,300 m², a center for young and not so young companies was created with access to mentoring and the Softwareparadies network. We organize networking meetings, joint workshops and training opportunities and support our customers to become successful more rapidly. At the same time, we are creating for ourselves a constant access to the doorstep of the latest developments in the software industry. Learn more …



Vi Mobile – the „Online brother“ and the „App sister“ of the Vi CAS house selling program in one system                          

Vi Mobile is the first Softwareparadies cloud-service. With Vi Mobile, a database has been created that provides you or your customers with any catalogs or individual houses via our sales system Vi CAS or via app or web page. Although Vi Mobile is a standard software, your end customer will have the impression of working with an in-house app of your company. Learn more …



SEMA turns 30 - wood and staircase construction experience days, July 3 to 5, 2014

We contributed 2 lectures to the anniversary: "Vi2000 - design, presentation and calculation of a single family house in 1 hour" and "Taken from practice for use in practice - using SEMA and Vi2000 in a medium-sized timber construction company". Only the best can celebrate an anniversary like this! Congratulations!



Research project „MATEDIS“: Material digitalization system for realistic sampling in individual house designing

The aim of the research project is to develop a material digitization process with cloud support for realistic surface representation at different illumination regarding virtual house and apartment design. The development works are carried out in cooperation with the Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences, the consulting firm Niemann and Piksa (http://www.np-ub.de) and the University of Stuttgart. Funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi).



Renewed Silver Partner Competency by Microsoft for ISVs

Our in-house sales platform Vi CAS was tested by Microsoft and passed the Windows Platform Test. We are Silver Partner of Microsoft with the additional competency ISV for independent software manufacturers.


30 years of Vi2000

On September 24, 1983 the "simple" idea to plan, present and calculate a normal family house within an hour was born in a Bavarian construction company. This idea has turned into ​​the market leader for design and calculation software for single and multi-family houses over the past 30 years.



Completion of the research project "IVAB"

In cooperation with the University of Stuttgart, the Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences and the PDV-Sachsen, a cluster-based model for realistic lighting calculation for the sampling of single-family homes was designed, which works in real time. Funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi)..


20 years of innovation and expertise

Softwareparadies turned 20 and celebrated in Dresden with ALL employees, partners and our valued users. With a site inspection, workshops and a city tour, a lot was being offered.



Move into the new, company-owned head office

The company building in the Königsbrücker Straße 124 (01099 Dresden) has a total of 2,275 m² of floor space, incl. the training center and thus provides the ideal conditions for the further growth of Softwareparadies GmbH & Co. Systemlösungen KG.


New corporate identity 

swp enters the market with a completely new corporate identity. The revised corporate profile focuses on the 50% of total sales generated with consulting. At the BAU2007 trade fair in Munich, both, version 12 of Vi2000 BAU KOMPLETT and the virtual sampling were first introduced to the public.


Vi CAS is certified by Microsoft

The CAS is the first product of Softwareparadies, which was fully developed in .NET. The Vi CAS is certified by Microsoft and introduced in all .NET solution catalogs. Microsoft certifies Softwareparadies as a partner. The long-term development manager Stefan Urlberger becomes partner and managing director of Softwareparadies.


  Together with the Fraunhofer Institut, the first prototype for a virtual sampling is being developed within the framework of a research and development collaboration. A well-known German prefab group is gained as the first project partner to further develop the prototype to marketability.

A double-digit increase in sales and earnings

Through numerous advancements, Vi2000 is increasingly accepted as a complete solution, from sales and calculation to the building application. Many new users, in particular a number of well-known brand home providers, have caused it to spread further among the house construction industry. The result is a double-digit increase in sales and earnings.


Vast functional enhancements for building application and detailed planning

January / February 2004 - the new Vi2000 version 10 is presented. Enormous functional enhancements allow e.g. that in the 20-year history of Vi2000, for the first time building application and detailed planning are possible directly in the basic program.


Rising demand

The sales and partner structures are expanded in Switzerland and Austria due to the increasing demand from abroad.
Contrary to the general trend, the year 2003 was the most successful of the now 12-year corporate history of the company Softwareparadies, which is impressively demonstrated by more than 200 new users.

Expansion of Vi Kalk

An important milestone was reached with the development of version 2.0 of the calculation. The strong increase in the acceptance of Vi was caused through its extremely increased scope of services, numerous additional programs such as order updating, post calculation and, since 2004, also assignment of builders, in combination with simplifying the administration.


Move into the company building in the Jägerstraße in Dresden 

In January 2003, the company moved into its new headquarters incl. training center, which is located in an exclusive residential area of Dresden.


Special solutions for solid construction, timber and prefabricated construction

The experiences gathered from hundreds of company-specific project solutions were bundled into new standard solutions. Since 2001, special solutions for solid construction, timber construction and prefabricated are available. In 2002/2003, they were supplemented by solutions for the building materials trade and the building materials industry.

Together with customers and development partners from the concrete component industry (Veit KG Dennert, Katzenberger), special solutions for concrete component manufacturers were developed based on Vi Wall. These allow the element usage of wall, ceiling and roof, as well as the creation of formwork and reinforcement plans



The foundation of the company's own call center

In order to expand and improve the service for customers and potential clients, a company-owned call center was built in 1999/2000 with the support of the Free State of Saxony.

Based on years of experience in quantity surveying, the Vi2000 calculation was developed from scratch adapted from a database system. For the first time it was possible that Vi2000 users could set up their own calculations completely independent of Softwareparadies.

Based on a widespread OEM CAD solution, Vi CAD was developed as the first own CAD and integrated in the Vi world with considerable success.

Acquisition of the copyright rights

To have more direct control of the development, in 1998 the company decided to acquire the royalty rights of the original inventor and developer DATA RENT Urlberger & Rach OHG.

Through constantly rising demand and the corresponding developments, the project solution VILLA, first became VILLA2000 and later turned into the service platform Vi2000 CONSTRUCTION COMPLETE.

Together with customers and development partners from the building materials industry (Megalith, EDER, LIAPLAN, Holert KS, Wienerberger, lever), the wall pre-elementing Vi Wall was developed based on the Vi2000 data.

Expansion of the company

Forced by the crisis in the construction industry, single and multi-family house construction became increasingly interesting for the majority of construction companies over the years. However, the golden years in this area passed as well. Therefore, it was no coincidence that the number of requests for individual project solutions and expert advice increased by leaps and bounds. Due to our specialization, this resulted in a competence pool that is still unique today. That was the decisive reason for the expansion of the company.


Foundation of the company

CEO and owner of the company, Holger Schönemann, did not count on diversification but on a hundred percent specialization when he founded the first company. From the very beginning, the center of business activity was not only the development and marketing of engineering software, but also providing support and advice regarding all areas of single-family house construction.

The project solution VILLA, the result of the idea by ​​a Bavarian contractor in 1983, was the main focus of the company's activities. Already at this point, companies like KAMPA AG, one of the leading German manufacturers of prefabricated houses, counted among the users of this construction software solution.

The idea is born

On 24 September 1983, the "simple" idea to plan, present and calculate a conventional single-family house within one hour was born in a Bavarian construction company.


Vi Mobile
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