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Building and calculating a house in one hour? It may sound unlikely, but it is possible! The concept was created in 1983 in a Bavarian construction company. It all started with the "simple" idea of using IT to design a single-family house, present it to the customer and to immediately obtain the exact calculated customer offer incl. profit within one hour. This idea turned into one of the most consistent and most powerful systems for the construction industry.



Whether you build houses or construct shells, plan or sell them, manufacture the necessary building materials or trade them; whether you modify or renovate houses - our platform Vi2000 will help you work more effectively and calculate more accurately. In short: It will improve your overall operating results.



Vi2000 is not one of the numerous software products that promise you "we can do everything and are generally better than all the others". It is rather the consistent implementation of a contractor's philosophy, who has never regarded IT as an end in itself, but always as a tool to achieve one's own business objectives.



Vi2000 is not an all-rounder for all aspects of construction, but a specialist in building single and multi-family houses. This means that companies for road and civil engineering will not "find themselves" in Vi2000, nor do industrial or commercial construction companies. Entrepreneurs, however, who make their money in the area of ​​family house building, are very likely to say: "... that's my way of thinking.", after having learned about the philosophy of Vi2000. We are convinced: There is only ONE way of thinking that truly comes straight from the industry.



Especially in times of declining markets and diminishing returns, it is essential to know what an object really costs and what profit margins are achievable. The times of the non-binding price estimates are over, as are the times when companies could afford to unknowingly lose money on some of their projects.



Ultimately, everyone wants cost security - that applies to you as a contractor as well as for everyone wishing to build. And this is exactly the goal to which our company is committed. More than 18,000 installations of Vi-programs in Germany and Europe speak for themselves, as does the more than 30-year existence of the Vi2000 idea.



We have developed an expertise through hundreds of calculation projects for medium-sized companies and dozens of industrial and commercial projects- whether for Wienerberger or LIAPLAN, for precast concrete manufacturers such as the companies Veit Dennert KG or Katzenberger, for projects in the prefabricated housing industry such as the FingerHaus GmbH, or through building materials solutions as for the Baustoffring, hagebau or HORNBACH. An expertise that is probably unmatched in Europe. And this is what we would like to pass on to you.

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